From 5 to 7 July 2019, Dansand! will come alive in Ostend for the sixth time

We are presenting more than 25 projects at just as many unique locations: at the beach, on the sea wall and in the town centre. Choreographers and dancers will leave the theatre and challenge themselves, each other and the audience to dance and move through and with the town. Inspiring installations in the park, exciting improvisations on the sea wall, and moving performances at the beach: for three days we will be dancing into the summer.  

Dansand! 2019 is zeroing in on the impact our surroundings have on our bodies. How do we experience change? Which traces are permanent, and which ones are ephemeral? Can we see them, or only feel them? Does change offer new possibilities?
In the midst of our fast-paced daily lives, Dansand! makes space for vulnerability and intimacy.

The festival Dansand! is organized by the arts center KAAP. The first edition of Dansand! took place in 2008, the concept was developed by Katleen Van Langendonck.
Read more about the previous edition here.